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  • FAQ - Championship

    Hello all, these are some FAQs for the Championship feature of Pool Live Tour.

    Please read before asking!

    What is Championship?
    Championship is a competitive mode where you battle against other players for Prestige.

    What is Prestige?
    Prestige represents your overall success in the game and allows you to easily compare your skill against others. Your Prestige goes up each time you win and drops each time you lose. It is represented by a Trophy icon next to your profile picture. The higher your Prestige, the higher your Rank.

    How can I play a Championship match?
    Each match requires a certain amount of Coins and Tickets to enter. Tickets can only be used in the Championship.

    Where do I get Tickets from?
    Tickets are distributed from the ‘Free Chest’. From time to time, you can find other currency there as well. If you need more Tickets, you can get them from a Shop but it will cost you real money.

    Are there any rewards for winning a match in the Championship?
    There are no rewards for winning a match in the Championship mode except of Prestige points. However, once you accumulate enough wins, you will be rewarded with 'Victory Chest’ containing Coin, Gold and even Tickets!

    What is Rank?
    In the Championship, there are 5 Ranks in total. Rank is based on how much Prestige you have. Rank has an impact on how much you can win from Victory Chest but also makes playing a Championship matches more expensive.

    What are Teams for?
    Create or join a team to compete in Team leaderboards! Can your team make it to the Top teams in the world? There are currently no direct benefits from being in a team and we are yet designing a bonus for team members to encourage the team play. However, being in the team is fun and you can meet new people!

    How do I administer my Team members?
    When creating your team, you can pick if you wish your team to be Open, so anyone can join, Invite Only, which means you need to manually accept each applicant or Closed, which means nobody can join your team. You change your settings anytime in the future. As a leader you can kick any member of your team any time.

    What are Team roles for?
    As Team Leader you can promote any member of your team to a Co-Leader se he can help you with team administration. As a Leader, you must always pass on your leadership in case you wish to leave the team (unless you are the last person left .

    How often are Leaderboards updated?
    Player Leaderboards and Team Leaderboards are updated every minute. Compete for the top!

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