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  • unfair play

    I don't think it's fair when you play someone who has a better ranking and they win they take 60-99 trophies from you but if your better ranking and you win you take 35 also I think 4 players are bots. They are to good. They can plan aim and take a shot in seconds most being double or trick shots. And all have better cues that us humans would have to pay a lot of money to get. Not fair. This game has a lot of issues that need sorted.

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    Hello, you should never lose more than 50 trophies against someone, who has more trophies than you do. If such case happens, it is a bug and in such case I would recommend reporting it via the in-game contact form, so devs can have a look at it.

    Game currently still runs in a closed geo-beta mode and it is only available in selected countries. Sometimes, you may be connected with a bot especially when there is no other player looking for a match. This should solve once we open the flood gates to new players!