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Suggestions for improving PLT part 1

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  • Suggestions for improving PLT part 1

    Hello dear,
    I would love to express one suggestion in order to improve our game
    It is about breaking system and the 8 ball pocket off break. I believe that the player who pots the black ball from break should be awarded the win. In all countries and games either you win the game if you pocket the 8 off break, or you have to break again. I have 4 full stats cues 8/8/8 and believe me, I pocket the black ball many times and lose unfairly. Yesterday, I had 5600 coins, playing 20 mins from 500 table, and when I was given break at 5k I pocketed the black and this resulted to my opponents win This doesn't happen with me only. So I would suggest you to change this rule and turn it to the way I said. That's how it will be more fair to everyone.
    Thanks and hope you take my idea into consideration
    Hope this is one more step in becoming a Community cue owner. Don't mind,I'll keep making suggestions almost every day
    Once again thanks
    Kelvin Likollari

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    Thank you very much for your suggestion. However, this is the way our game has been for years. It would be a huge change for our players and, unfortunately, we can't change it.

    Best Regards