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the game returned to zero again

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  • the game returned to zero again

    After more than five years I play pool live tour
    My experience in the game was more than 1500000
    And have 8 ball cues and omega cues..
    There were some problems in my work and I was not playing for a long time..
    Some get rid of the problems I wanted to play again.
    But I was surprised that the game returned to zero again
    No money no cues no gold.
    Please help me to restore my account on the original game
    my ID: 8603654838
    I'm sorry to talk too long, but that's really what happened to me.
    thank you

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    I'm sorry to inform you that if your account has been deleted due to inactivity, it cannot be restored.

    We are forced to delete accounts because there are millions of PLT players online every day and great part of them are new players so the number of accounts we have to maintain rises quite fast, too fast actually and considering we don't charge players for playing our game, it is technically impossible for us to keep accounts of inactive players.